We would like to introduce ourselves as Value Health, a family-led

distributor of disposable healthcare products to business’s in the

United Kingdom.

Our primary focus remains on


  • Quality of our Products

  • Removing excess waste from the Supply Chain

  • Servicing businesses up and down the country

  • Providing retail products at wholesale prices


We continually strive to form meaningful long-term business

relationships with our customers to help them deliver growth and



With our manufacturing partners, we develop products that are

comfortable, easy-to-use and of premium quality.

We work with a range of partners throughout the world to deliver

quality products which can be provided to our customers at affordable


We do not compromise on quality and believe that we continually

search for different ways to deliver consistency in the quality of our

products at affordable prices. We have learnt that by shaving off

excess waste in the supply chain and streamlining our processes,

we can provide savings for our customers.


At the heart of our business is the need to undertake market research

to learn about our customer’s and their individual requirements.

Using our award-winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Software, we collate information about different business requirements

and use this information to further our potential by developing our

products and entering new markets.


We believe that a valued customer is a loyal customer.

Unsurprisingly, word of mouth from satisfied customers helped us

achieve growth in the last financial year and we believe it will

continue to do so in the years ahead.


At our core, we possess values of honesty and integrity.


We look forward to developing our business relationship with you and

helping you to achieve growth and prosperity.

Blue Nitrile Glove / Purple Nitrile Gloves / Black Latex Gloves